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The works included the stone floor restoration and ancillary works on the front hall and main circulation areas at the ground floor od the main hospital building, which was built in 1757 - a protected structure.

The project comprises approximately 240m2 stone floor restoration works and associated timber skirting works, decorative repairs and minor services works within a protected structure and at the front hall and main circulation areas at the ground floor. The work was executed in 5 phases.

The area in which the works take place is a functional clinical area of the Rotunda Maternity Hospital. The works compound was located within a portion of the hospital front  car park, accessed off Parnell Street.

The works activities and methodologies took account of the adjacent functions which included:


  • Patient clinics 
  • Administrative areas
  • Patient wards
  • Laboratories 
  • Kitchen and canteen functions


Stringent dust control procedures were put in place, cleaning activities and management of live hospital interfaces were a specific requirement.


Key Facts / Information:

Client The Rotunda Hospital 
Architect O'Connell Mahon 
Location Dublin
Value €147,000