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CIOB Construction Manager of the Year 2013

June 18, 2013

Collen M&E Manager Thomas O'Connor wins the Chartered Institute of Building Construction Manager of the year Award 2013

The Overall Award

The 2013 Construction Manager of the Year Award is being given to what the adjudication panel considered to be, for an outstanding achievement in successfully managing a Design and Build contract that required absolute involvement with the client specification and that required the provision of 3 110kv sub-stations in three different locations in one year.

The Norm for the Design and Build for one of these sub-stations is 3 years.

The design and build remit involved intense deliberation with the network suppliers, the design teams, the procurement and shipping process, and three construction teams on three sites.

For outstanding commitment to achieving the clients goal, the ability to knock the necessary bureaucratic heads together, keeping the design team on target and overseeing the construction on three separate sites and completion on schedule earn him the Overall Award of Construction Manager of the Year 2013 

Duncan Stewart RIAI presents Thomas O'Connor with the Overall Construction Manager of the Year Award

Duncan Stewart presents David Lee with the Silver Award for the Meadowlands Community Facility and Social Housing.  This project appears relatively simple to construct but was far from simple.  The houses which appeared straight forward were in fact very finely detailed having been designed as curved terraces and being fitted with curved precast will and copings which had to be constructed to very fine tolerances'.

The site also presented several problems to David Lee, being located in among an enclave of Local Authority houses with restricted access.  A large 1600mm diameter public drain which crossed the site had to be relocated to the public road.  Having constructed the first few houses the specification of the remaining units was changed considerably to comply with new insulation levels.

In the interest of good relationships the local residents were kept informed of progress through out the project and advised in advance of any possible disruption to their access routes.

The Collen Construction Design & Build Team