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Construction Safety Week

September 12, 2016

In support of Construction Safety Week, Collen Construction Ltd. will be launching our ‘Mindfulness in Construction’ safety programme . Being Mindful in the workplace ensures that we are more aware of the job we are doing, ‘’in that moment.’’ A significant number of accidents and incidents that we incur can be attributed to lack of concentration and awareness. Adopting a more Mindful approach when carrying out tasks prevents accidents from occurring. Becoming more aware of when you notice your mind drifting, will help to bring your attention back to the present moment. This will contribute to a safer working environment. 

Other initiatives for the week include the implementation of the following Leading Indicator Initiatives on all Collen projects;

  • Toolbox-Talks & Presentations – We will be conducting Toolbox-Talks and Presentations incorporating the 5 topics highlighted in the construction safety schedule.  
  • Safety Stand-downs – Promoting safe behaviour is a critical part of the management of health and safety, recognising the right behaviour is important for employee engagement. Over the course of the week a safety stand-down will be held on all of our on sites. At these stand-downs a briefing will be given to all workers regarding Accidents/Incidents/First-Aids/Safety Alerts for the previous month. These stand-downs will also provide the forum for discussing current safety initiatives, engaging with site personnel by promoting discussion on their current safety concerns/observations etc. The Contractor of the Month will be identified by the Site Management Team, based on recognizing safety performance and pro-activeness regarding Housekeeping/PPE Compliance)/Best Practices/Safety Initiatives/Completion of Safety Documentation etc. The Site Management Team will identify a number of employees from the Contractor of the Month, by means of a draw and each employee will receive ‘One-4-All Voucher’. The previous months “Good Save/Safety Observation Cards” will be reviewed by the Site Management Team and the individual(s) that put forward the strongest safety observation/good save will be rewarded with a ‘One-4-All Voucher’.  
  • Hazard Hunt – A representative from each sub-contractor will be put into groups and sent to different areas of the site to identify potential hazards. The objective is to promote a safe working environment and get sub-contractors involved in highlighting any issues on site, and not only those that are specific to their own areas.
  • Behavioural Based Safely Signage – Launching our new signage promoting our ‘Mindfulness in Construction’ Safety Programme.