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Haven Build It Week 2017

May 11, 2017

Collen would like to congratulate Michael Sweeney who recently travelled to Haiti on his 5th volunteer trip with Haven Partnership for ‘Build it Week’.

During the trip Michael and the volunteers were based at the Christianville Mission site near Gressier where 180 local people are employed in various agricultural projects along including a fish farming project. A catering and hospitality programme is underway to provide training for local people so they can get jobs in the industry elsewhere in the country. The local people generously provided all the food during Michael’s stay. An orphanage with 40 children ranging from age 9 months to 16 years is also ran by the Christianville Mission, Michael brought over a box full of dolls, soft toys, footwear, drawing pads with crayons and pencils to present to the orphanage.  

Haven’s project this year was the complete refurbishment of a local school near Leogane, which is one of four schools run by Christianville. Three school buildings plus the school sanitation block had new roofs installed, external walls rendered where needed and were fully decorated inside and out. A new kitchen area and a covered open area with new benches were reconstructed to cater for 220 children being provided with a hot meal each school day and to provide the children with a place to sit down while eating.  

Michael was assigned to the team who were tasked with completing the new roof coverings and the concrete works. Other teams carried out extensive painting work, made the benches and new shelving, repaired the classroom desks, made new entrance gates to both areas and laid pebbles outside the classroom buildings. A huge effort was put in by everyone to get all the work completed within the week. All the children were brought in to the school for a re-opening ceremony to see the finished work and to celebrate afterwards.  

Following the trip Michael thanked everyone for their support and generosity in providing him with the opportunity to once again help improve the conditions for the people of Haiti.  

For more information on the Haven Partnership click the following link  

Michael Sweeney with fellow Haven Volunteers at Christianville.

The Haven Team.

Classroom before.

Classroom after.


Students enjoying the celebrations at the re-opening ceremony.